intelligent power distribution unit

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competence in developing intelligent power distribution units

intelligent power distribution unit

Central power distribution units in special purpose vehicles have to meet a wide requirement profile. In addition to distributing and switching various consumers and power circuits, the protection and the diagnosis of possible malfunctions are indispensable. Our know-how in vehicle electronics guarantees a high degree of development competence for the timely implementation of customer-specific requirements. Own power components in soldering technology and the processing of press-fit bolts open up extremely flexible production possibilities.



power distribution units

the power distribution unit:

  • multilayer PCB, Copper level up to 105 µm
  • continuous current-carrying capacity 150-200 A
  • assembling in soldering technique  (fuses, connectors etc.) and press fit technology (connecting bolt)
  • SMD-assembling with discrete components such as e.g. transistors, diodes and LEDs

with intelligent components:

  • PCB with copper thickness 70µm
  • continuous current-carrying capacity up to 100 A
  • mixed assembling in soldering technique with plug in elements, SMD - as well as press-fit technique up to 0,5 mm Pitch
  • intelligence and power on one PCB
  • microcontroller with customized developed software
  • current monitoring of the outputs
  • self-diagnosis by self-tests
  • communication interfaces e.g. CAN

general information:

  • max. dimensions of the PCB 300 mm x 400 mm
  • max. thickness of the PCB 2 mm
  • number of layers according to the need
  • customized developing of the hardware

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